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Customized Yet Flexible Solutions
                                                                                                                                                VinaKom excels at tailoring communications solutions to meet your specific requirements. We bring together the right technologies that not only meet your current business needs but will also position you for future growth. We maximize your service by consolidating redundancies, thereby eliminating excess and reducing your cost. Our engineering capabilities to integrate your voice and data communications with state-of-the-art network infrastructures help you stay flexible and up-to-date. We will easily migrate you to new technologies that fit with the current business climate and the ever-changing landscape of technology. We are committed to help you maintain your competitive edge!


Network Reliability
VinaKom offers one of the most reliable network infrastructures, which means you can depend on a global network, integrity and redundancy at all times for your customized communications solution.

 Superior Managed Network and Engineering Services with four layers of QoS

In today’s cost-competitive environment, it is crucial to reduce maintenance, development, and time costs without jeopardizing quality. VinaKom Managed Engineering Services meet the triple cost-quality-time constraints. We offer you cost-effective engineering and monitoring services managed by a professional project management team with engineering experience spanning over several domains of knowledge and technical expertise. VinaKom presents you with complete project management conforming to the nature of your product. Our engineers and consultants constantly communicate with you to help facilitate the process of installation, changes and upgrades and seamlessly integrate them into your existing infrastructure and services. VinaKom Managed Engineering Services offer the achievement of cost targets by lowering the overall design, installation, and maintenance costs while providing total flexibility in utilization of the right resources at the right time.

Structured Implementation Methodology
VinaKom ensures a smooth transition through our structured implementation process. Everyone at VinaKom adheres to a highly disciplined conversion methodology that moves step by step in sequence in which every action is accounted for and communicated to you. The result? The most professional and seamless project management in the industry.


One-Touch Customer Care
VinaKom offers a resourceful team of engineers and consultants who backs up technology with the best customer care in the industry. Every customer is supported by a highly trained team consisting of an Account Manager and a Cisco Certified Engineer who are familiar with the details of your account. You’re always quickly connected with someone who can answer your question or see your issue through to resolution. The team handles your entire customer relationship and is held accountable to deliver 100% satisfaction. From design to billing, and for future services, you only need to remember one number, 1-866-VinaKom.

Value Across The Board
VinaKom’s competitive rates, our technological and engineering know-how and industry-leading customer care result in an exceptional value across the board.

Strong, Stable, Experienced Provider

VinaKom was established in 1991 and has consistently experienced steady, profitable growth. Our customer base is continuously expanding and we’re adding more and more knowledgeable, committed professionals to our experienced team. As a privately held company, we’re able to keep our eyes focused—not on shareholders—but on you, our customer.